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  • Personal Change Fitness™ Coaching

    Change is a process that makes demands on us. Demands that can only be met through the resources of Change Fitness™. Change Fitness™gives you an improved ability to succeed at change. Contact Me to learn how this can help you.

  • Up to You Coaching

    Coaching is a results-focused approach to individual change management and team effectiveness, working together to increase performance, general life effectiveness and satisfaction. Read more...

  • Up to the Organization

    Whether you are looking to change the culture in your organization or transform your organization to support changes to your business and create sustainable organizational success, we can help. Read more...

Welcome to Up To You

Up to You is passionate about helping you first to get clear about the challenges and barriers you face and then to work with you to create and lead the changes that deliver the results and long-term success you want.  Typical results include a greater employee engagement, increased individual and team productivity, reduced conflict, and leaders who are more aware, more effective and have more impact on the business and their organization.

If you are wondering

- How you can improve your ability to be successful with change

- How you can be more effective and efficient

- How you can engage and mobilise your organisation to do more with less

- How you can help your leaders (or team) be more self-aware, more effective and have more impact

- How you can bring you organisation together to deliver not only the business results but also the behaviour, structure, roles and skills

Then talk to me...

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Therese Wales, EzineArticles Platinum Author
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We work directly with Leaders in a series of 1:1 coaching sessions and/or with their teams to enhance their performance and enable them to achieve their goals. The impact for companies is increased productivity, improved communications, increased staff commitment and loyalty as well as decreased levels of stress and tension. You can contact me using my website's contact form or you can email me directly.

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